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We make it easy for you to help others by enabling you to donate your unwanted vehicle to assist others in your community. We remove and pickup all unwanted cars.

Charity Cars Charity car pickup Canberra service

We will come to you and take away - free of charge - any unwanted vehicles. These include: unwanted cars, burnt out cars, and other unwanted vehicles such as trailers, 4 wheel drivers and motorbikes. We do not pay for unwanted vehicles, and 20% of the vehicle’s sold or scrapped value will go directly to OzHarvest Canberra to help them continue their very important work in the Canberra region.

Charity Cars

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How does it work?

Charity Cars will collect any vehicle for free anywhere within the ACT and surrounds if the vehicle is accessible and has all four wheels; we also require ownership to be signed off at the time of collection… it’s as easy as that!

If the vehicle collected is considered by us to have a resale value higher than its scrap metal value the vehicle will be sold at The Green Shed, Resource Management Centre, Mitchell; if it is deemed as being scrap value only the vehicle will be taken to an accredited recycling facility and sold as scrap metal.

Regardless of the method of disposal 20% of the vehicle's worth will be donated directly to OzHarvest Canberra to help continue their invaluable work within the Canberra Community.

Charity Cars is a business initiative designed to raise revenue for local charity in an innovative and responsible way. We also seek to promote responsible disposal of unwanted motor vehicles in the Territory as well as to generate sustainable, local employment.

Charity Cars is owned and managed by THE GREEN SHED (TGS), which currently operates out of the reuse and recycling facilities at the Mugga Lane and Mitchell Resource Management Centres in the ACT. TGS has a proven record of community engagement throughout the region. Over the last four years TGS has donated over $610,000 in cash donations to local charities. On top of this we donate regularly to Canberra’s schools and local community enterprises.

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